Associate Professor of Computer Science
Computer Science Graduate Coordinator
School of Computing and Information Science

Maine Software Agents & AI Laboratory (MaineSAIL)

Cooperating Associate Professor
School of Marine Sciences

University of Maine

Office: 240 Boardman Hall
Lab: 227 East Annex
Phone: +1 207-581-3909
Email: rturner at umaine dot edu

Fall 2017 office hours: MW 11-12 or by appointment
Fall 2017 classes: COS 140 (MWF 9-9:50), COS 301 (MWF 10-10:50)

Textbook in preparation: Foundations of Computer Science (E.H. Turner & R.M. Turner)

Mailing address:

School of Computing and Information Science, 5711 Boardman Hall, Rm. 240, University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469-5711 USA