MaineSAIL Personnel


    Roy Turner, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science

PhD Students

    Erik Albert, Orca (ACRO, an appropriate commitment reactive planner)

    Chris Wilson, Intelligent Assistive Technology

    Larry Whitsel, CATS: A Context-based Agent Trust Simulator

Masters Students

    Adi Levy Conlogue, UMaine MST (Master of Science in Teaching) program


    Sonia Rode, LP/Lisp

    Brady Butler, CoDA simulator


    Steven Chappell, Software Systems Engineer, Autonomous Undersea Systems Institute, Lee, NH

Recent Graduates

    Jaimi Allen, M.S., 2010: Teaching Programming in Elementary School

    James Brawn, M.S., 2012: An AUV Simulator for Incorporating Physical Feedback

In Memorium

    Elise H. Turner, Co-Director of MaineSAIL and Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science (1959-2008)