Director: Roy Turner, Associate Professor of Computer Science, School of Computing and Information Science, University of Maine
PhD students: Erik Albert. Project: A Methodology for Informed and Appropriate Commitments in Moderate Reactive Mission Planning (Associated with the Orca Project.)

Chris Wilson. Project (tentative title): An Agent Architecture for Simulating Impaired Behavior (Associated with the Assistive Technology Project.)

Zac Hutchinson. Project focus: Neural networks
MS students: None currently
Undergraduates: Graham Van Goffrier (Physics/EECE)
Affiliates: Larry Whitsel, PhD. Instructor, University of Maine at Augusta & Advanced Computing Group, UMaine

Steven G. Chappell. Software Systems Engineer (ret.), The Autonomous Undersea Systems Institute (AUSI), Lee, NH

D. Richard Blidberg. Director, The Autonomous Undersea Systems Institute (AUSI), Lee, NH, and one of the directors of AUVAC, the Autonomous Undersea Vehicle Application Center
Recent graduates: Sonia Rode, M.S. Project: Representing and Communicating Context in Multiagent Systems, 2016

Zachary L. Schiller, MS. Project: Email Similarity Matching and Automatic Reply Generation Using Statistical Topic Modeling and Machine Learning, 2015

Larry Whitsel, Ph.D. Dissertation: A Context-Based Approach to Detecting Miscreant Agent Behavior in Open Multiagent Systems, 2013

Graham Morehead, M.S. Thesis: A Complex-Systems Approach to Simulating the Sea Urchin Ecology, 2014 (Co-advisor: James Wilson, School of Marine Sciences UMaine)

Adi Levy Conlogue, Master of Science and Technology. Thesis: Students' Understanding of Recursion: When Do They Use It and Why?, 2013 (Co-advised with Natasha Speer, Dept. of Mathematics, UMaine)

James Brawn, M.S. An AUV Simulator for Incorporating Physical Feedback, 2012

Jaimi Allen, M.S. Teaching Programming in Elementary School, 2010
In memoriam: Elise H. Turner (1959-2008). Co-Director of MaineSAIL and Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Computer Science