Director:  [Roy Turner](, Associate Professor of Computer Science, School of Computing and Information Science, University of Maine
PhD students: [Erik Albert.]( Project:  /A Methodology for Informed and Appropriate Commitments in Moderate Reactive Mission Planning. / Associated with the [Orca Project](
  Chris Wilson. Project (tentative): *An Agent Architecture for Simulating Impaired Behavior. * Associated with the Assistive Technology Project.
  Zac Hutchinson.
MS students: None currently
Undergraduates: None currently
Affiliates: Larry Whitsel, PhD, Instructor, University of Maine at Augusta & Advanced Computing Group, UMaine}
  [Steven G. Chappell](, Software Systems Engineer (ret.), The Autonomous Undersea Systems Institute ([AUSI](, Lee, NH.
  D. Richard Blidberg]], Director of The Autonomous Undersea Systems Institute ([AUSI](, Lee, NH, and one of the directors of [AUVAC](, the Autonomous Undersea Vehicle Application Center.
Recent graduates: Sonia Rode, M.S. Project: *Representing and Communicating Context in Multiagent Systems*, 2016
  Zachary L. Schiller, MS. Project: *Email Similarity Matching and Automatic Reply Generation Using Statistical Topic Modeling and Machine Learning*, 2015
  Larry Whitsel, Ph.D. Dissertation: *A Context-Based Approach to Detecting Miscreant Agent Behavior in Open Multiagent Systems,* 2013.
  Graham Morehead, M.S. Thesis: *A Complex-Systems Approach to Simulating the Sea Urchin Ecology.* Co-advised with James Wilson, School of Marine Sciences, UMaine, 2014.
  Adi Levy Conlogue, Master of Science and Technology. Thesis: *Students’ Understanding of Recursion: When Do They Use It and Why?* Co-advised with Natasha Speer, Dept. of Mathematics, UMaine, 2013.
  James Brawn, M.S. *An AUV Simulator for Incorporating Physical Feedback,* 2012.
  Jaimi Allen, M.S. *Teaching Programming in Elementary School,* 2010.
In memoriam: [Elise H. Turner](, Co-Director of MaineSAIL and Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science (1959-2008)