UMaine COS 301: Programming Languages

Electronic Assignment Submission


  • Each homework assignment must be turned in electronically via Blackboard, unless told otherwise.
  • If you need to turn in multiple parts of an assignment — e.g., a PDF file and code — then use either a zip file or a tar file (preferably gzip’d).

Project parts and the overall paper

  • Papers will be submitted via Blackboard.
  • Edited papers will also be submitted via Blackboard.
  • The project consists of several parts, each of which consists of a paper and possibly one or more program files.
  • Papers must be submitted in PDF form! No Word, Pages, etc., will be accepted. And you will be using LATEX anyway, so that shouldn’t even be an issue!
  • You will turn in a zip archive or tarfile (gzip’d preferably) containing the PDF and the program, as well as any program output required.
  • In addition, programs that are part of the project part should also be included as an appendix to the paper, along with any output required, where reasonable.
  • The same instructions apply for the final, overall paper that combines all the pieces.